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Vivian Reed is an LGBT+, California-based remote voice actor. She specializes in video games and animation, and is experienced in narration, commercial, ADR, and more. When she's not in the booth, Vivian can be found drawing, gaming, or rocking out to metal music!Vivian's voice has been described as intense, spunky, energetic, rebellious, powerful, seductive, raspy, and youthful. She performs characters from battle-hardened soldiers, rascally young boys, sultry villains, crazy clowns, and beyond. Equipped with a vocal fry and a medium pitch, Vivian's voice is versatile and capable of reaching any range you desire.She also portrays American, Southern, Valley Girl, Boston, and Transatlantic accents.

• Neumann TLM 102
• Solid State Logic SSL2
Internet Speed:
(Wifi, ethernet available)
• 226.2 Mbps download
• 22.5 Mbps upload
• Audacity
• Ableton Live

Irma, Sallyanne, Isolde, GroverDragonheir: Silent GodsVideo Game2023Website
SentaOrder & Chaos: GuardiansVideo Game2024Website
ElsaKiss of WarVideo Game2020Website

... And more!

TestimonialsThere are no words to describe how incredibly talented Vivian is. Was a pleasure to work with, super flexible, great voice acting skills, and a top-notch personality.
- Randy Becker, Unit Down
She gave the voice for Medusa, in the videogame Fight N' Fall...
The performance - I can't stress this enough - was flawless and the final result is incredible! She also passed gameplay information and character flavor masterfully. We are extremely satisfied with the performance we got, and give a shining recommendation to take her on board with your project. You won't regret it.
- Leonardo Vieira, Fight N Fall
It was easy to work with Vivian Reed, with [her] quick responses and good understanding of the character... Highly recommended!
- Marlon Philip, Across Haunted Trails
I absolutely love how Vivian Reed brings Louie's character to life in WOTW! I absolutely recommend you - amazing and interesting voice with good communications skills! Great quality, and nice varied versions of lines. Thank you once again!
- madanchor8, Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds
Vivian Reed was truly a pleasure to work with. She played a queen mother in my project and delivered a wonderful performance that perfectly balanced out the hard-hearted queen and the loving mother side of the character. She was also very prompt with turning in lines and truly gave 110% to the role!
- Faith M, When All is Found